Coal Loader Opens Sat 24th March 2018

13 Nov 2019

We couldn’t be more excited about the official opening of the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability on Saturday 24th March, 3pm – 9.30pm.

After much blood, sweat and tears our team has created an incredible new public space on Sydney Harbour. North Sydney Council had ambitious plans for the Coal Loader. We started our journey on the project delivering Stage 2 in 2011.

The green roof platform was the final stage and saw our team on site for 2 years managing the intricate refurbishment of this historical site across the harbour from Cockatoo Island – a past Glascott project.  The design required delicate restoration of coal loading relics and lots of structural rehabilitation on the platform and tunnel below.  The coal tunnels and chutes have been meticulously refurbished and converted into the sustainable facilitators, responsible for harvesting the rainwater that irrigates green roof on the platform.  The work in Tunnel 1 included creating chambers that run the full length of the tunnel with varying doorways and sensor lights lead you from one end to the other. They now provide a creative and interesting space for cultural events such as art shows. A complete facelift was given to the platform to create a green roof with harvest crop pods, colonnades which house solar panels to power the platform, a lift to access all levels of the site, various seating, lawn, plants and signage that tells the story of this heritage site.

There are so many interesting features at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainabilty that we encourage you to come and see it for yourself.

The Official Opening – Saturday 24th March 2018

North Sydney Council has a host of great activities planned for the opening day starting from 3pm and including kids activities, tours, workshops, bars, live music and more. The official opening will be at 6pm with Earth Hour celebrations 8.30-9.30pm.  Come along and enjoy a great afternoon on Sydney Harbour. For more information, visit North Sydney Council’s website.