Poulton Park transformation underway…


The Poulton Park project is well underway to transform an old Georges River Council tipping site into a new public carpark and restored natural vegetation zone.

The Lower Poulton Park Carpark and Naturalisation project will provide a passive recreation area and naturalisation zone running down to the Georges River catchment, whilst serving the adjacent playing fields with a new car park.

Working closely with Georges River Council, our team have focused on remediating the old tipping site and restoring the surrounding natural habitat whilst utilising existing found objects to encourage new fauna and native insect habitats.

Glascotts has been working efficiently to present this working carpark including features such as solar powered street lighting, concrete connecting footpaths, gravel drainage swales, tree planting and new native gardens, walking trails and many more.

We can’t wait to show you more from this functional project.