RD Egan Lee Reserve playground was completed earlier this year for Knox City Council.  The project is part of RD Egan Lee Reserve Masterplan, with the key vision to enhance and protect the valuable remnant bushland, it’s biodiversity and habitat values; and provide complementary passive and active recreation opportunities and improved pedestrian links.

We undertook the reconstruction of the existing play space, with its long history in the area and sensitive nature surrounding, to create a new playground that blends into the environment.  The off-drainage alterations and site levels were improved to best suit the soil type and natural low-level abutting nature reserve.

Scope of works:

  • Demolish and replace redundant playground elements, existing furniture and surface.
  • Earthworks and Excavation
  • Subsurface drainage
  • Remediation works
  • Rockwork
  • Pavements and edging
  • Playground surfaces, including softfall and mulch
  • Outdoor gym equipment
  • New park furniture, supply and installation
  • Garden bed cultivation, topsoiling and pre-planting preparation.
  • Supply and planting of trees, shrubs and ground covers.
  • Supply and installation of mulch to garden bed area.