North Head Lookout Wins Prestigious Architecture Awards


The North Head lookouts, designed by architects Chrofi and connecting with Country designers Bangawarra, took out the Robert Woodward Award in the Small Projects category and NSW Architecture Medallion at the 2024 NSW Architecture Awards.

The design was praised by judges for its ambitious agenda to reframe the cultural heritage and identity of North Head by honouring First Nations perspectives and values, and its environmental sustainability.

Project Overview:

For thousands of years, Car-rang-gel – the Country now known as North Head – has been important ceremonial grounds for local peoples. The sandstone promontory offered a place to gather and celebrate stories like those of Gawura, the whale, and Car-rang, the pelican; a sacred animal to the Gai-mariagal people. These stories have been passed down through generations and played an important role in establishing Songlines that connect to a vast kinship system.

CHROFI and Bangawarra designed two new viewing platforms for North Head – Burragula and Yiningma – offering breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. In addition to improving the safety and viewing experience of the existing lookouts, the project intends to be a catalyst for the future identity of the precinct, as an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable place that celebrates Country and continues the cultural traditions of local peoples for future generations.

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Images courtesy of CHROFI.